Nov 16, 2017 - Government increases the number of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visas

Government increases the number of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visas from 1000 to 2000 a year. This will enable to attract more highly skilled workers to come and work in the UK. The perspective areas are digital technology, science, arts and creative sectors. This change is a part of the ongoing reforms which would be carried out by the government related to UK leaving EU. The independent Migration Advisory Committee was tasked by the Home Office to advise on the impact of Brexit on the labour market.

Nov 15, 2017 - Good news for EU citizens

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has found that EU citizens who move to the UK, and then go on to naturalise as British citizens will retain their free movement rights under EU law. This means that British nationals who naturalised as an EU citizen can rely on the EEA Regulations to bring family members to the UK, as opposed to the increasingly stricter UK Immigration Rules. The findings in the case of C-165/16 Lounes also means that the UK has wrongly been refusing to recognise free movement rights for those EU citizens since 2012. If you have been affected by this then you s...

Nov 08, 2017 - Brexit: Updated information from the Government for EU citizens and their family members

The Department for Exiting the EU has published a technical document specifying new details on how “settled status” scheme will operate for EU citizens and their family members. The government promised that the application process will be streamlined, low-cost and user friendly, expecting the majority of cases to be granted and giving a statutory right to appeal if their application is denied. EU citizens will be given a two-year “grace period” to obtain the settled status after Brexit. The document also confirms that EU citizens will not be required to have comprehensive sickness insurance or...

Nov 02, 2017 - Bank of England base rate increased

On Thursday 2 November 2017, the Bank of England base rate increased from 0.25% to 0.50%.

Oct 31, 2017 - Immigration status and bank accounts

According to the Immigration Act 2014  banks and building societies are required to check the immigration status of the persons who want to open current accounts. The banks and building societies must refuse the applications for a new current account (or an application to add the person as a signatory or identified beneficiary to a new or existing current account) if the applicant has no legal rights to stay in the UK. This applies if the applicant:

  • Entered the UK illegally, i.e. never had leave to enter
  • had leave but stayed after it expired or was revoked
  • are an EEA national subj...

Sep 29, 2017 - Branch office of Law Firm Limited now in Dubai

We are glad to inform you that Lаw Firm Limited  opened their branch office in Dubai. 

Address and contacts in Dubai:

 LFL Consultancy FZE 

19th Floor Conrad Dubai ,Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 5610, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel. 00971 (0)50 9265140

[email protected]

Sep 10, 2017 - The EU Withdrawal Bill has passed its first parliamentary vote in the House of Commons

The EU Withdrawal Bill, previously referred to as the Great Repeal Bill, has passed its first parliamentary vote in the House of Commons. On the second reading of the Bill it was passed with a majority of 36 votes: 326 for and 290 against. While Teresa May celebrates her victory during this historic moment, the Labour party believes the Bill is an "affront to parliamentary democracy".  Labour also claimed that the Prime Minister and her government had made a “power grab”. In other words, the bill allows the government to “correct the statute book where necessary” without a full parliament vote...

Sep 06, 2017 - Proposals of the British government

The British government proposes to lower low-skilled immigration from EU countries following Brexit. It is expected that starting from March 2019 as soon as the transition period is over, the British government will take a “more selective approach” to EU immigrants planning to settle in the UK.  Firstly EU nationals will have to obtain permission to enter UK before taking up employment. This will push employers to recruit locals at the first stage especially in non-highly skilled occupations. Low skilled immigrants will be allowed for a maximum of two year residency only, while high skilled im...

Jul 12, 2017 - Brexit: Government will publish Repeal Bill

The UK government plans to publish a so-called ‘Great Repeal Bill’, which will convert EU law into UK law to ensure smooth legal continuity the day after Brexit. 

The debates on the Bill are not expected to happen before September 2017, however the Bill will in any event need to be passed well before the UK leaves the EU - which is expected to happen during March 2019. The Bill will have to pass through both Houses of Parliament and will come to effect only when the UK actually leaves the European Union. This is going to be the biggest and most significant legislative project ever undertaken i...

Jun 25, 2017 - Government offer for EU citizens in UK

The British government published new information regarding the status of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit. Theresa May announced certain offers and deadlines for EU citizens planning to stay in the UK. Of course, there are plenty of things that still have to be ruled out and confirmed but as for today this is what UK government offers to EU citizens:

• Introduction of so-called grace period. This is a period when EU citizens and their families can still legally reside in the UK, but during this period they will need to apply and receive a resident document, demonstrating their new settled st...