This page shows our prices for our company’s most popular services. Some of our services are not included as the prices for them are calculated on a case by case basis. If you would like a quotation for any service not included in our price list please call us on +44 (0) 207 907 1460 (London).

All prices are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). The following charges are not included: 20% VAT, file keeping, postage, consular fees and UK Border Agency application fees, other overheads and governmental fees. VAT is due for immigration services provided within the UK. Our services for applications submitted abroad are therefore not subject to VAT.

Please note that all prices listed on this page are for standard services and may be subject to increases where an individual case requires non-standard services. If you would like a quotation for your individual case please call one of our offices on the phone numbers above.

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Professional fees for Immigration services

Initial consultation (45 mins). The fee for the first hour of consultation is deductible from the cost of the services engaged
£ 150 
(depending on complexity)
Second consultation (15 mins) free of charge
Short-term visas (Visit type): tourist, business, family from £ 550
Short-term visas (Visit type): Medical Visit from £ 1,200
Short-term visas (Visit type): Parents of a child at school in the UK from £ 1,200
Short-term visas (Visit type): permitted paid engagement from £650
Short-term visas: marriage or civil partnership £ 950
TIER 1 Investor – main applicant extension from £ 5,950
TIER 1 Entrepreneur – main applicant ILR from £ 4,750
Start -Up, Innovator from £ 3,000
Global Talent – main applicant from £ 2,000
Sole Representative - main applicant from £ 4,750
Skilled Worker (TIER 2) - main applicant from £ 1,800
Spouse or partner under TIER 1, Innovator, Global Talent, Sole Representative, Skilled Worker £ 990
Child under category TIER 1, Innovator, Global Talent, Sole Representative, Skilled Worker £ 590
Sponsorship Licence from £ 2500
Health and Care Worker  from £ 1,200
Minister of Religion from £ 1,200
International Sportsperson from £ 1,200
Intra Company from £ 1,200
Temporary Worker (TIER 5) from £ 600
Youth Mobility from £ 600
Student (TIER 4), Graduate from £ 850
Student, Graduate – spouse or partner  £ 690
Student, Graduate – child £ 530
EU Pre-Settled status from £ 550
EU Settled status from £ 750
EU Frontier Worker from £ 600
Fiancée/fiancé visa £ 1,600*
Spouse visa £ 1,600*
Unmarried partner / civil partner visa from £ 1,800
Adult Dependent Relatives from £ 1,800
Domestic Violence £ 1,600
*Visa package services are offered with discount. Please ask member of staff for further details  
Retained / Derivative Right of Residence from £ 1,200
Application for any visa type in case of previous refusal and in other complicated cases from £ 2,000
Administrative review from £ 600
Further representation / documents review from £ 350
Indefinite Leave to Remain:
ILR - TIER 1, Innovator, Global Talent, Sole Representative, Skilled Worker from £ 3,000
ILR - Spouse/partner under TIER1, Innovator, Global Talent, Sole Representative,Skilled Worker £ 990
ILR - Child under category TIER 1,Innovator, Global Talent, Sole Representative, Skilled Worker £ 590
ILR – long residence on the basis of 10 years residency in the UK from £1,500
ILR – spouse of UK resident £ 1,600
Applications for leave to remain under Article 8 ECHR from £ 1,800
Extension applications leave under Article 8 ECHR from £ 1,500
Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Visa from £ 850
Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Visa with dependent family members many family units include dependent children over the age of 18
from £ 3,000
Naturalisation (AN) from £ 850
Child registration (MN1) £ 590
Child registration (T) / Adult registration from £ 850

Professional fees for Business services

Tax consultation from £ 350
General business consultation (45 mins) from £ 265
Second consultation (15 mins) free of charge
Platinum office package – first year £ 4,050
Platinum office package renewal £ 2,520/per annum
Company formation LTD, LLP (standard package up to 7 working days) £ 420
Company formation LTD, LLP (premium package up to 2 working days) £ 470
Nominee shareholder from £ 265/per annum
Nominee director from £ 7,000/per annum
Nominee services from £ 5,000
Apostille of documents (  5 -10 working days) £ 265
Provision of registered office address and corporate company secretary services £ 420/per annum
Transfer of company into our administration £ 290
VAT registration (mandatory, if company turnover exceeds £85,000) from £ 630
Quarterly VAT returns from £ 400/per quarter
Payroll Bureau (per employee per annum) from £ 440
Company check (directors, address, shareholders) from £ 155
Check of financial statutory reporting of the company from £ 225
Incumbency £ 250
Certificate of Good Standing (1-2 working days) £ 270
Premium Office London package £ 210/per month or £ 2,100/per annum
Premium Office Dubai package £ 210/per month or £ 2,100/per annum
Postal address service, London £ 265/per annum
Preparation of annual accounts from £ 320/per year
Opening bank account from £ 900
Trade mark registration (+£200 registration fee; + £50 per each additional class) £ 1,420
Formation Trust from £ 4,200
Trust annual management fee from £ 3,620
Courier services from £ 90
Visa support from £ 550

Professional fees for UK Property Services

Full property acquisition package including individual search, negotiations, reports ,conveyancing, mortgage arrangement and visa advice (if necessary) 2% of property object price, but not less than £ 7,350
Individual property search and selection only 1,2% of property object price
Residential conveyancing only 0,5% of property object price
Mortgage arrangement only 0,7% of property object price
Full property rental package, incl. general advice, individual selection including detailed reports, legal representation, arranging and accompanying during the viewings. 10% of annual rent cost, but not less than £ 2,100

Professional fees for UK education services

Initial consultation. The cost of the consultation is deducted from the value of the acquired company's services in the future £ 80 (inclusive of VAT)
Private Schools Individual Search and Enrolment £ 4,800 or £ 10,320 (inclusive of VAT) depending on the level of service
State Schools Individual Search and Enrolment £ 1,260
Colleges Individual Search and Enrolment £ 1,260
Summer Language Programmes for children and teenagers Search and Enrolment Fees of the summer programmes packages vary depending on the programme and include the costs of the programme itself, visa support, student insurance, transfer from the airport and other services. Average cost is £ 1,400 per week.
University Degrees (Bachelor \ Master \ MBA) Search and Enrolment £1,260
English Language Courses for adults Search and Enrolment £ 265
Accompanying the Client during visit to educational establishment £ 250 + travel expenses
Other Educational Services Determined Individually

Professional fees for other services

Assistance with obtaining a foreign passport  from £ 265
Certified translation (per 1 page) from £ 60
Notarial certification, issue of powers of attorney, apostille. from £ 250

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