Aug 03, 2016 - UK interest rate cut

The Bank of England has taken radical action to prevent the UK from falling into recession, cutting interest rates to 0.25% - the lowest level in the institution’s 322-year history - and pumping billions of pounds of newly created money into the economy.

The Bank cut its forecasts for the growth of the UK economy by the biggest single amount since it starting producing regular forecasts in 1993, slashing its GDP projection next year from 2.2% to 0.8% and predicting a rise in unemployment from 5% to 5.4%.

Not only did the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee cut interest rates by a quarter-percenta...

Jul 19, 2016 - Record £150 m for flat in London

A luxury home in Admiralty Arch (near Charing Cross) went on the market with a record price of £150 million.

The 15,000 sq ft  property in Grade 1 listed landmark overlooking The Mall has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and is set to become one of the world’s most expensive apartments.

Buyers have opportunity to own a home where Winston Churchill once lived, and Ian Fleming worked while creating James Bond.

The Spanish developer who bought a building from the Government in 2012 is offering a chance to own a huge serviced apartment, or will split it into up to four flats ranging from 1,700 to 7,100 ...

Jul 10, 2016 - Government statement on the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK

Today, the Cabinet Office, the Home Office and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office issued a statement to confirm that there has been no change to the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU as a result of the referendum.

They stated:

‘When we do leave the EU, we fully expect that the legal status of EU nationals living in the UK – and that of UK nationals in EU member states – will be properly protected.

The government recognises and values the important contribution made by EU and other non-UK citizens who work, study and live in the UK.’

We will continue to keep...

Jun 26, 2016 - Brexit – Information for EEA Nationals

In light of the EU Referendum result we have decided to remind EEA nationals regarding their rights to be in the UK and the documentation they can apply for in order to confirm their rights. Also it would be important to inform the EEA nationals who wish to apply for British passport about the rules for naturalisation.  At present the UK is still a member of the EU and bound by the relevant laws that protect EEA nationals in the UK. It is likely that the UK will remain a member of the EU for at least two years, however given that this is a very uncertain time EEA nationals can take steps now t...

Jun 23, 2016 - Brexit - the Result

EU Referendum – The Result


The result of the EU Referendum is in and as you will be aware the result is to leave (51.9% to leave and 48.1% to remain).


If you are currently in the UK as an EEA national exercising ‘treaty rights’ in the UK or the family member then you will not immediately be affected by this result. What will happen next is that the UK and the EU will need to negotiate a withdrawal agreement.


In his speech this morning, David Cameron said that he would be stepping down as Prime Minister  by October and that he would not be invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, instead...

May 03, 2016 - Immigration Bill 2015 – Update

The Immigration Bill 2015, now the Immigration Bill 2015-16, is in its final stages having been debated in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords extensively. It is expected that it will shortly be granted Royal Assent and become an Act of Parliament. 

It has been debated in Parliament since September 2015 and there have been many amendments including the following:

  • Immigration detention should be limited to 28 days, except where a court decides otherwise;
  • Asylum seekers should be allowed the right to work if their claims have not been processed within six months;
  • Government to arra...

Apr 20, 2016 - Government propose significant increase in Immigration Appeal fees

The government has presented to Parliament their consultation on proposals for the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) and Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). Their proposals include a massive increase in immigration appeal fees:

  • An application for a decision on the papers – this is currently £80, new proposal is to increase it to £490;
  • An application for an oral hearing – this is currently £140, new proposal is to increase it to £800;
  • An application to the First-tier Tribunal for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal – proposal is to introduce a new fee for...

Apr 05, 2016 - Tier 2 minimum income threshold, £35,000, for settlement comes into effect today

Today the new minimum income threshold for Tier 2 applications for settlement comes into effect. This means that if you have leave as a Tier 2 (General) or Tier 2 (Sports person) then you must have at least £35,000 earnings. This will be increased annually as follows:

  • £35,000 if you apply for settlement on or after 6 April 2016;
  • £35,500 if you apply for settlement on or after 6 April 2018;
  • £35,800 if you apply for settlement on or after 6 April 2019;
  • £36,200 if you apply for settlement on or after 6 April 2020;
  • £36,900 if you apply for settlement on or after 6 April 2021.

There are a number ...

Mar 23, 2016 - Home Office announce Tier 2 changes

Further to the Migration Advisory Committee’s report on the Tier 2 route the Home Office have now published their proposed changes to the route. The changes include:

  • Tier 2 (General) salary thresholds will be increased to £25,000 in autumn 2016, then to £30,000 in April 2017 (some health and education professionals will be exempt from the higher threshold until July 2019);
  • The minimum threshold of £20,800 for new entrants will remain the same;
  • Tier 4 students switching to a Tier 2 visa will not be subject to a limit on numbers and their sponsor will not have to carry out a Resident Labour Mar...

Mar 17, 2016 - New 24 hour Super Priority Service for Kazakhstan

The Home Office have just announced that on 22/03/2016 they will be launching a 24 hour Super Priority Service at the UK Visa Application Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The optional priority service will cost an additional £750.

The service can be used to apply for tourist and short stay visas (standard Visitors), all Point Based System visas (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, Tier 5), transit visas.  

The service is not available for family categories and EEA categories. It is strongly recommended that customers with any form of adverse immigration history do not use this service. 

Should you be interes...