Programmes for citizens of Ukraine

We would like to present to your attention information on the following visa programs listed below, which were created in the spring of 2022 by the UK government for Ukrainian citizens and their family members.

All visa programs provide for the issuance of a residence permit. This residence permit entitles you to work in the UK as a hired employee, as an individual entrepreneur (self-employed person) or to establish your company as a separate legal entity. Also, using this residence permit, it is allowed to study in kindergarten, school and higher education institution.

Ukraine visa schemes to be extended by 18 months.

In addition, citizens of Ukraine and their family members who will receive a residence permit under one of the visa programs will be entitled to receive a number of social benefits and public funds from the government, including for child care, because of low income, due to unemployment and also by providing social housing to those who do not have accommodation.

For more details on each of the three visa programs, please see the links below.

Prices for programmes for citizens of Ukraine

Initial consultation (45 min.)

(the cost is deducted from the cost of further purchased services of the company)

£ 150

Second consultation (15 min.)

free of charge

Case's Review

starting at £550

Enquiry to Home Office

£ 550

Applying for a visa

starting at £ 350

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