Assistance with opening bank accounts for  individuals and corporate entities with UK and other financial institutions of Europe

Our company provides services of opening various types of bank accounts for individuals and corporate entities. We have been closely working for many years with well known UK and other banks such as  HSBC, Barclays, Coutts, EFG Private Bank and many others. These banks have strong financial positions worldwide and well known for being stable and well reputable.

We carefully consider the needs and preferences of our clients with regards to banking needs and make a selection based on the individual and company requirements.

Depending on the type of the bank accounts (investment, current account, private banking relations  and others) bank offers various services and some types of the accounts do not require to maintain minimum account balances.  Most of the banks nowadays provide sophisticated online based services which allow to manage accounts in real time and from any part of the world.

Banks and other financial institutions in the UK are under the strict supervision of the financial controller of this country represented by Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and together with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), these organisations provide double control of the United Kingdom financial institutions. PRA was established under Financial Service Act (2012) and became the part of the Bank of England.

Introduced in November 2001, the measures intended to verify the funds for money laundering and fraud purposes were substantially revised and tightened. The financial institutions in the UK are working hard in order to comply with strict regulations on compliance matters and closely monitor incoming and outgoing funds.

Due to the above and for other various compliance reasons we ask the clients to provide quite extensive and detailed information and documentation in order to be verified and pass the necessary bank compliance checks.

For example, as per opening personal bank account concern, the client requires to verify residential address by providing either recently dated utility bill, council tax statement or other acceptable documents. Some UK and other European banks also accept official residential registration from the passport as a proof of address. It is also necessary to disclose information and documentation regarding economic activity of the applicant in the form of a letter from the employer, bank reference, personal details and so on. The full list of the documents and requirements varies from bank to bank and depends on terms and conditions of the chosen financial institution.

As per corporate accounts concern, the choice of the bank  and its jurisdiction mainly depends on either where the entity was incorporated, managed and controlled or where the majority of the trade takes place. 

We assist with opening of corporate bank accounts in the UK and other European jurisdictions, that offer account facilities for various types of UK entities (such as Ltd, PLC, LLP, branches or permanent establishment of UK companies etc.) and other legal entities incorporated offshore.

We offer wide range of services for UK and offshore companies. Along with various services, we offer package solutions mainly for UK registered companies and within most exclusive "Platinum Package" we offer an assistance with opening corporate bank accounts in the UK.

We provide professional services of nominal directors / shareholders and partners, who would be able to provide necessary administrative and management support for the business. In this case, we are taking full control of the operation of the bank accounts. Should the client wishes to operate the corporate bank account solely, the client needs to be verified by the banker by means of a personal meeting and to disclose personal information and documentation. This meeting is organised by us as a part of the bank account opening process. We would fully advise our clients on the procedure and provide a list of documents (such as recommendation letters, bank references, business plans etc).

We offer the  extensive range of  services for private clients and assistance with opening bank accounts for individual clients is in high demand. In order to open a bank account for individual, we would need to conduct a face to face meeting with the client and the banker. Also the client is required to provide a following list of documents:

  • An identification document (passport)
  • Two documents verify the residential address of the applicant
  • A letter from employer
  • A bank reference
  • Other documents confirming the economic activity and wealth of the applicant

Please note that provided list is for illustration purposes only and should not be treated as a final list of all required documents.

Assistance to our clients in opening corporate and private accounts is available either as a part of the platinum package (corporate accounts only) or as a separate service at the cost from 2,500 GBP (subject to VAT).

We provide maximum assistance and cooperation in opening the bank account which is the most appropriate for our client's needs.

Based on our long term experience in banking field, we know how important to choose the right financial partner in order to fulfill banking needs and to achieve maximum results.

We would be able provide you with professional services at a high standard.

For further information about our services please feel free to contact  our offices in London +44 (0) 207 907 1460 or send an enquiry by e-mail  [email protected].


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