Visa for domestic workers in the UK

Overseas Domestic Worker visa

This is the immigration route for those domestic workers in private households overseas who need to come to the UK to work for their employer.  A domestic worker must have worked for their employer for at least a year overseas before they are eligible to apply to come to the UK in this category.

The domestic worker is limited to a maximum stay of 6 months and cannot switch into another immigration category in the UK, apply for extension or settlement, change employer or bring dependants. 

Requirements for entry clearance

In order to be granted entry clearance as a domestic worker, the applicant must comply with the following requirements:

(i) be aged 18-65 inclusive;
(ii) have been employed as a domestic worker for one year or more immediately prior to application for entry clearance under the same roof as his employer or in a household that the employer uses for himself/herself on a regular basis and where there is evidence that there is a connection between employer and employee;
(iii) intend to travel to the United Kingdom in the company of his/her employer, his/her employer's spouse or civil partner or his/her employer's minor child where they intend to stay in the UK no more than six months;
(iv) intend to work full time as a domestic worker under the same roof as his/her employer or in a household that the employer uses for himself/herself on a regular basis and where there is evidence that there is a connection between employer and employee;
(v) not intend to take employment except that specified in the visa application; and
(vi) be able to maintain and accommodate himself/herself adequately without recourse to public funds.

A successful applicant would be given six months’ leave to enter the UK.

What type of workers can apply as domestic workers?

Domestic workers can be nannies, cleaners, cooks, chauffeurs and gardeners.  They can also be those providing personal care for the employer or a member of the employer's family.

Supporting evidence

The employer must provide a signed statement of the main terms and conditions of the domestic worker's employment and give an undertaking that they will pay the National Minimum Wage in the UK.  There must be some evidence to show the domestic worker has been employed by the employer coming to the UK in his overseas household for at least twelve months before the date of application.  Evidence such as payslips, employment contracts, photos and even personal statements would help to show the existence of this employment. 

The employer must also sign a written undertaking that he will maintain and accommodate the employee adequately and provide them with a separate bedroom. Domestic workers do not have to live under the same roof as the employer, as long as the employer can show they will to pay for the separate accommodation or that the domestic worker's wages will be able to cover the extra cost of independent accommodation.

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Administrative Review (Entry Clearance applications)

Applicants who have their applications refused under the points-based system are entitled to have the decision reviewed free of charge.

Individuals who wish to exercise their right for an Administrative Review will have to make this request within 28 days of the date of the refusal notice. The applicant is not entitled to send any additional documents or fresh evidence with the review request. Finally, applicants will only be entitled to request ONE review request per refusal decision.

What services we can offer?

  • We can advise on the procedure for making a domestic worker visa application
  • We can assess the job and the applicant’s credentials and advise on the likelihood of a successful leave to remain/entry clearance application
  • We can advise the applicant on making their visa application
  • We can advise and represent in respect of any administrative review application

Prices for visa for domestic workers in the UK

Domestic Worker visa – main applicant

£ 1500

Initial consultation (45 min.)

(the cost is deducted from the cost of further purchased services of the company)

£ 150

Second consultation (15 min.)

free of charge

Applying for a visa when there is a refusal or in other difficult cases

starting at £ 2000

Case's Review

starting at £550

Enquiry to Home Office

£ 550

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