Deportation of alleged spies straight from the UK border

The British government have introduced new bill to the Parliament that would allow the expulsion of people arriving in the country at the border control if officers suspect that they are preparing for "hostile actions" in the UK. In fact, the new law would allow deportation of alleged spies straight from the UK border. The new bill was introduced by the Home Office Secretary Sajid Javid in order to fight against terrorism and "hostile actions". It is said that one of the reasons of introducing this law is poisoning of Julia and Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.

The bill suggests that UK Border Control Officers will have the right to stop any person who is suspected of preparing "hostile acts", such as:

-         a threat to national security;

-         a threat to the economic well-being of Great Britain;

-         an act that qualifies as a serious crime.

If this law comes into effect, border control officers would be able to stop and question foreigners even if they have no evidence that they are spies. They can interview, detain, take the person off the flight, copy any documents, conduct search procedures and can remove them from the UK at the border.

So far the bill has been submitted to the lower House of Parliament for the first reading and has not been discussed yet. The date of the second reading of the document is not announced.

Posted on Jun 07, 2018.

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