Home Office’s Shocking Refusal Letters

Some of the refusal letters contain outrageous yet real excuses for declining a visa or asylum claim, to list a few…

  1. A woman had made an asylum claim and told the Home Office that she was a victim of domestic violence. The Home Office rejected this claim by stating that ‘’You stated you suffer domestic violence within a year after your marriage, but your husband has funded you visit to the UK and you visited United Arab Emirates and the UK 3 times within 10 years. This is not credible.” The Home Office officer seemed to have decided that a partner who funds his partner’s holidays can not be a violent person.
  2. In certain circumstances, UK residents can be deported from the UK due to criminal convictions or that their presence in the UK is otherwise not “conducive to the public good”. In opposing such arguments with regards to one Jamaican national’s case, the Home Office has stated “You spent the first formative years of your life in Jamaica and as such, it is considered that you are familiar with the cultural, social and economic aspects of life in Jamaica” In reality, the relevant Jamaican national had left Jamaica at age three therefore could not have been “familiar with the cultural, social and economic aspects of life in Jamaica’’.
  3. The third case is regarding a father of a British child who applied for Leave to Remain in the UK. His 14 year old child wrote a letter pleading with the Home Office not to take her father away but had to face the cold and cruel response from the Home Office stating “… best interest of a child are not to be interpreted as a requirement to bend and sway to the every whim and demand of a child”. This very problematic response contradicts the Home Office’s legal requirement to take into account of the best interests of children when making immigration decisions. In this case, the Home Office interpreted the child’s need as merely a “whim”.

Опубликовано 14.11.2019.

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