Innovator package

Services package from Law Firm Limited for Innovator visa category: from creating a business concept to obtaining UK citizenship

For those of you interested in obtaining UK resident visas under the Innovator visa program, Law Firm Limited offers assistance and comprehensive support throughout the process, from preparing documents for a resident visa in the UK to obtaining a British passport.

The duration of the immigration process in the UK is 5 and a half to 6 years. During this period, we would assist you to establish an individual business and provide it with full support in order to meet all the requirements of the UK business and immigration rules, including the preparation of legal documentation necessary to obtain British citizenship.

Our immigration and legal advice services commence with an individual consultation with a potential applicant. Another consultation is then held for the applicant in order to introduce our proposed participation to an innovative holding. At this consultation, we offer an individual innovation theme and a business program that allows an applicant to fulfil all the requirements of the UK immigration rules for this type of immigration application.

Our specialists provide full support of the business structure, created separately for each applicant, throughout the entire term of the immigration application process.

Our services can include but not limited to: assistance in choosing the topic of the future project; creating the concept of a new business in accordance with the requirements of the immigration rules and a business plan; search, rent and repair of suitable business premises; obtaining permits with local authorities for business use; assistance in the creation of engineering and construction projects; purchase, installation and full support of equipment for their implementation; hiring and training for staff; marketing, advertising and business promotion for success in the B-to-B and B-to-C segments.

We can also help with protection and registration of intellectual property to be used in the project, including trademark applications. Throughout the immigration process, we will follow the necessary reporting of the established business structure to the tax authorities and other UK government agencies. Each project involves consultations with world-class specialists in the chosen topic on the basis of agreements signed by us, which dramatically increases the chances of project effectiveness.

An agreement will be signed with each applicant, defining the mutual responsibility of the parties.

If you are interested in the above immigration visa category and keen on discussing the details more closely, we would be glad to have a meeting with you on that either in person in our office, via Skype or phone.

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