Norwegian government has proposed the UK to join EEA

The Norwegian government has proposed the UK to join the European Economic Area and adopt so called “Norway option”. Thus, the UK will stay inside the single market but outside the European Union.  Norway is one of the UK’s biggest trading partners mostly in gas sales. Mrs May believes that the main problem with the UK joining the EEA is that the long-term agreement on the free movement of EU citizens is "politically unacceptable" for Britain. Also, being the part of a single market means that the UK must comply with the laws and regulations of Brussels, in line with all the other members of the European Economic Area. For example, Norway has the right of veto, but it has never exercised it due to fear of response from Brussels.
Despite the fact that the House of Lords voted in favour of the UK joining the European Economic Area, Mrs May and her Brexit cabinet committee did not agree with this proposal. Tomorrow, 15th of May, the cabinet will again discuss this issue as a part of preparations for the European Summit, which will be held this summer.

Posted on May 13, 2018.


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