Home office profit from application visa fees for the registration of children as British citizens

Over the past five years, Home Office has received about £ 100 million in profits from visa fees for the registration of children as British citizens. The controversially high registration fee for children has reached £ 1 012 this year. This figure is several times higher than the estimated administrative costs to process visa applications. Last year, the profit from one application was £587. In 2017/18 33,000 children were successfully registered as British citizens, which brought Home Office income of £19 million in excess of the costs incurred.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the above statistics, but explained that surplus income is not a profit, as it covers other costs associated with immigration and border control. The traditional explanation for high visa fees is that the system must "be funded by those who benefit from it".

Posted on Jul 10, 2018.


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