Amber Rudd has resigned from the post of the Home Secretary

On 30th of April 2018 Amber Rudd has resigned from the post of the Home Secretary  saying she "inadvertently misled" MPs over targets for removing illegal immigrants and “Windrush” scandal. The "Windrush" generation comes from Africa and the Caribbean. After the end of World War II, they were actively invited to the UK, as the country required extra work force. Recently it appeared that from late 1940s up to 1970s the government treated relatives of these immigrants as illegal. Thus, some of them were expelled from the country, and some were deprived of the right to work, benefits and medical care. On 1st of May the Prime Minister announced that Sajid Javid, 48 years old, had been appointed the new Home Secretary. Sajid Javid, the former head of credit trading at Deutsche Bank, has come a long way since growing up as son of a bus driver. His parents came to Britain in the 1960s from Pakistan. Before his appointment as Home Secretary Mr Javid was Communities and Local Government Secretary. He also held the position of culture, media and sport secretary in 2014. If it is about his political views, Mr Javid is Eurosceptic and he supported “Remain” campaign during Brexit referendum in 2016.

Posted on Apr 29, 2018.


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