Proposals of the British government

The British government proposes to lower low-skilled immigration from EU countries following Brexit. It is expected that starting from March 2019 as soon as the transition period is over, the British government will take a “more selective approach” to EU immigrants planning to settle in the UK.  Firstly EU nationals will have to obtain permission to enter UK before taking up employment. This will push employers to recruit locals at the first stage especially in non-highly skilled occupations. Low skilled immigrants will be allowed for a maximum of two year residency only, while high skilled immigrants would be able to stay for longer periods – three to five years.  The Government also proposes to limit the rights of EU family members to join their partners who are already in the UK. Showing a passport and temporary biometric residence permits on the UK border will be a mandatory requirement for all EU citizens.

At present these are only proposals and the current EEA rules and regulations remain the same. We will continue to keep you updated.

Posted on Sep 06, 2017.


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