New grant to support vulnerable EU citizens

On 25 October 2018, the UK government announced the new £ 9 million grant to support vulnerable EU citizens living in the United Kingdom, who might need additional assistance with processing and submitting applications to obtain immigration status through new settlement scheme.

UK based voluntary and community organizations, who represent the interests of potentially vulnerable EU citizens, can submit their applications for additional funding starting from the end of November. They will make vulnerable residents aware of their need to apply for settled status and assist them on all stages of immigration application process.

Earlier this month the Home Office announced the launch of the second phase of the new settlement system to obtain immigration status for EU citizens. From 15 November to 21 December 2018, vulnerable categories of EU citizens with the support of local authorities and public organizations will participate in the testing process. It is expected that the new system will be fully operating by 30 March 2019.

Posted on Oct 31, 2018.


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