The British immigration rules doubled in length

According to the latest reports, Home Office introduced more than 5,700 changes in the UK Immigration Rules since 2010. Around 1,300 amendments were introduced in 2012, when Teresa May was the Home Secretary and introduced "hostile environment" policy for illegal immigrants.

In some cases, Home office made changes to the rule a week after its publication. One of the documents published in 2014 contained 22 changes, and three days later it was replaced with an updated version, where there were already 250 amendments. The total number of changes made to the Immigration rules since 2010 is almost 600,000 words, which exceeds the size of Tolstoy’s novel "War and Peace".

Such vast amount of information becomes more and more difficult for lawyers, applicant, Home Office caseworkers and the Judiciary in general to understand.  As a result of complex rules applicants are advised to seek professional advice from immigration lawyers, as it is extremely difficult for lay person to understand and comply with the Immigration Rules and their amendments.

After Amber Rudd resigned, her post of Home Secretary was taken over by Sajid Javid. He repeatedly noted that the whole UK immigration system has to be reviewed, but in fact, no significant changes have been announced yet.

Posted on Aug 30, 2018.


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