EU nationals must apply for permanent residence card for British nationality applications

From 12 November 2015, an EEA nationals wishing to apply for British citizenship must provide a valid permanent residence card or document certifying permanent residence or a residence permit or residence document together with their application.

These cards must be issued under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2000 which is endorsed under the immigration rules to show permission to remain in the United Kingdom.

 EEA national can apply for permanent residence card after 5 years of exercising treaty rights in the UK.

He or she will be able to apply for naturalisation in 1 year after the application for permanent residence card has been submitted, even if it has been considering for several months.

Those EEA national who are in the UK for 6 years of which 12 months they have a permanent residence status will be able to apply for naturalisation right after obtaining permanent residence card

Posted on Nov 08, 2015.


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