Biometrics will become mandatory for all applicants

From 06 April 2015 anyone applying for registration or naturalization as a British Citizen will need to provide their biometrics as part of their application. 

Non-EEA nationals applying for a residence card, derivative residence card or permanent residence card will also need to submit their biometrics. 

An applicant who is applying in the UK will need to attend a Post Office so their biometrics can be taken. Those people applying from overseas to become British Citizens will be required to enrol their biometrics at a biometric enrolment centre, such as a Visa Application Centre. 

Fingerprint information will normally be retained for up to 10 years. Once an individual becomes a British Citizen their biometric information will be deleted. However, their photographs will be retained until they obtain their first British passport.


Posted on Mar 24, 2015.


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