The UK has allowed entry of children from Ukraine unaccompanied by their parents

The UK government on Wednesday, 20 July, changed the rules of entry for refugees under the "Homes for Ukraine" program, allowing Ukrainian children to cross the border unaccompanied by their parents.

We would like to draw attention of our readers that we have already published preliminary news on this topic back on 22 June, please see the link.

According to the new rules, a child will be able to enter the UK himself if one of his parents or guardian confirms that "it is in his (the child's) best interests."

Britons who agree to host a child from Ukraine must commit to take him for at least three years (instead of six months in the case of adults) or until he turns 18 years old.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain claims that the applications already submitted from children have been considered, and new ones can be sent from 10 August 2022.

As it currently stands, due to the impossibility of entering the UK without a parent, thousands of children remained in Ukraine, including in the territories occupied by Russia.

Опубликовано 20.07.2022.

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