Renters: Eviction ban in England extended for six weeks

An eviction ban in England has been extended for six weeks, following a similar move in Scotland on Thursday.

The move will mean eviction notices - which could have started again on Monday - will not be served during lockdown.

Current restrictions were due to end on Monday – 11 January, but charities have called for more financial support for tenants.

Renter support

In the last month, bailiffs have been unable to serve notices and enforce evictions in England, dubbed a Christmas truce.

Evictions were banned at the start of the first lockdown in March - and the UK government has also extended the notice period landlords must give from three to six months.

Courts began to clear the backlog of repossession cases in September, starting with the most serious cases such as those involving domestic violence or anti-social behaviour.

With some of those set to come through, charities and opposition parties have been calling for an extension to the bailiff ban, given the stricter restrictions and greater threat of Covid transmission.

Housing is a devolved issue. In Scotland, the ban on eviction orders, which was due to expire on 22 January, was extended to the end of March on Thursday. This will apply to all evictions in areas subject to level three or four restrictions, except in cases of serious anti-social behaviour, including domestic abuse. 

Now Housing Minister Robert Jenrick has announced the bailiff ban will be extended to 21 February in England.

Posted on Jan 08, 2021.

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