Only UK private schools will be able to accept European children from 2021

The government recently published further information for Europeans who plan to move to the UK after the country leaves the European Union without deal. According to new information released recently, those who move to the UK between March 2019 and January 2021, will have no educational restrictions in terms of immigration. However, anyone who will be in the country for more than three months will need to get a temporary European residence permit. In 2021, the situation may change significantly. According to an official government document published shortly before Christmas, only private schools will be able to accept children from the EU who will come to the UK to study after January 2021 (in other words only private schools will be able to sponsor for Tier 4 visa). This means that those private schools which have European pupils, but do not have a license to teach foreign students, will have to apply for a TIER 4 Sponsorship license. This means that the number of European students in public schools can significantly decrease as public schools cannot be  sponsor Tier 4 student visas. This is a very early stage of  any changes to take affect and is only a proposal, the position can change before January 2021.

Опубликовано 11.02.2019.

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