Home office published White Paper about post-Brexit immigration system

Foreign Minister Sajid Javid in his statement to the Parliament on 19 December 2018, outlined the main directions of immigration policy after the country leaves the European Union:

1) Citizens from the EU countries (except from Ireland) and Switzerland, as well as their family members will be subject to the UK immigration control. This means that they will need to obtain a entry permit to enter the United Kingdom in advance.

2) There will be a single immigration system for all foreign nationals. Free movement for EU citizens will end. This approach will provide equal opportunities for all applicants, who wish to come to the United Kingdom.

3) The immigration system will be aimed to attract skilled workers giving priority to those with the skills that the UK needs.

What changes are expected?

• The cap on the number of Tier 2 visas will be lifted;

• There will be no Labour Test Marker in Tier 2 visa requirements;

• The skills threshold for work visas will be lowered from level 6 (Degree) to level 3 (A-Level);

• The minimum wage will be introduced for work visas. The recommended threshold is £30 000;

• Low-skilled workers who do not qualify under Tier 2 category will be able to get temporary-workers visas. Such visas will be valid for up to one year with a cooling period of 12 months where the applicant will not be able to return to the UK. This category might have restrictions on the duration, number of issued visas and will also be available to citizens of certain countries. Holders of such visas will not be able to receive benefits, be eligible for settlement, bring family members and switch to other types of visas in-country.

• There will be no cap on the number of TIER 4 visas and it will be easier for most talented graduates to stay in the country and switch to work visas.

The new system will be launched in 2021. It will not affect EU citizens already living in the UK.

Posted on Dec 20, 2018.

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