Home Office loses about 75% of appeals

According to recent reports, the Home Office loses nearly three-quarters of the appeals filed against the decision of the Upper Tribunal. Due to this fact, it is unclear whether it is reasonable to start expensive, lengthy and time consuming court process with such a low success rate.

For example, between April 2017 and March 2018, the Court of Appeal heard 11,974 cases of the UK asylum refusals, of which the Home Office lost 4,332. Of those decisions, Home Office appealed 1 235 further in the Upper Tribunal and lost 900 cases (73%).

If the applicant receives the initial refusal from the Home Office on his immigration matter in some cases he can file the appeal.  The first hearing in court will usually happen within one year after the appeal was lodged. If the judge makes a positive decision for the applicant, but the Home Office wants to challenge it in further appeal, the waiting time for the second hearing may take another year or more. The applicant during the whole appeal process has no right to work, to use the healthcare services, to rent properties etc. His life, as well as the life of his family often turns out to be in limbo and as a result, people can face physical and psychological problems.

Posted on Sep 03, 2018.

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