Coronavirus and the UK immigration system (as of 12 June 2020)

Immigration tribunal hearings

 First-tier Tribunal

Back on 21 March, President of the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration & Asylum Chamber) Michael Clements wrote to the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association to say that hearings are to go remote:

From Wednesday, 25th March onwards, there will be no face to face hearings listed in any centre. Applications for bail and emergency work will continue to be given priority but, save in exceptional circumstance, applications and hearings will be conducted remotely.

The President also issued Practice Statement Note No 1 2020: Arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic, commanding a shift to online appeals. From 22 June, this is replaced by Practice Statement No 2 of 2020. It states that all appeals to the First-tier Tribunal must be lodged online using the MyHMCTS portal, unless it is not reasonably practicable or the case falls within a list of exceptions.

Meanwhile, there will be no face-to-face hearings held in courts and tribunals.

Опубликовано 11.06.2020.

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