The Immigration Bill was introduced into the House of Commons

The Bill contains the following measures:

  • Significantly reducing the number of rights of appeal;
  • Further reducing the number of work visas and student visas;
  • Foreign criminals to be deported from the UK first and then their appeals to be heard later.
  • End the abuse of Article 8.
  • Private landlords will be required to check the immigration status of their tenants – so as to prevent those with no leave to be in the UK from accessing private rented accommodation;
  • Banks will no longer be able to open current accounts for migrants who have no leave to be in the UK;
  • Driving license’s will no longer be issued to those who have no leave to be in the UK, and for those who have overstayed their leave, their driving license’s will be revoked;
  • Migrants who have only a time-limited immigration status (i.e. all migrants who do not have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK) will be required to make a contribution to the National Health Service.

Subject to its Parliamentary progress, the bill is expected to receive royal assent in spring 2014.

Posted on Oct 09, 2013.

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