Theresa May unveils Tory immigration plans

At the Conservatives Party Conference, Home Secretary Theresa May gave a lengthy speech in which she outlined the Conservatives future plans for immigration in the UK. To summarise they are as follows:

  • To remove the Human Rights Act 1998 – this will mean that migrants would no longer be able to rely on right to private and family life in the UK;
  • Potentially leaving the European Convention of Human Rights;
  • Significantly reducing the number of rights of appeal;
  • Further reducing the number of work visas and student visas;
  • Foreign criminals to be deported from the UK first and then their appeals to be heard later;
  • Introducing immigration bonds, where temporary migrants would deposit £3,000 with the government and receive it only when they leave the UK. If they overstay, then they will lose their money.

Please note: the above is not yet law, it will all be contained in the new immigration Bill that will be published in the next few weeks.  The Bill will need to be debated and approved in both Houses of Parliament and then given Royal Assent before it will become law, this may take some months if it is successful. 

Опубликовано 30.09.2013.

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