No more Tier 1 (G) from Overseas

Tomorrow (22nd of Dec. 2010) will be the last day when overseas applicants will be able to make their applications under Tier 1 (G) as from 23rd of Dec. 2010, it has been decided to close Tier 1 (G) for applicants applying from outside the UK. The reason of making this decision in such haste is because the overseas diplomatic posts have already received numerous applications, which if approved would exhaust the quota i.e. 600 for each month till March 2011. This has effectively closed the Tier 1 (G) route for all overseas applicants.

There will not be any changes to those applicants who wish to apply under Tier 1 (G) while remaining in the UK, and they will still be able to make their applications till 05th of April 2011, as there are no quotas for in-country applicants. There are no changes to the extension applications as well.

The Home office secretary has also revised the quota for Tier 2 (G) and from today till 05th of April 2011, only 10,832 sponsorship certificates will be allocated and can be used by the employers who are lucky enough to have that allocation.

Tier 1 (G) is therefore only available for a limited period of time, and it is really important to submit the application as soon as possible. We are best placed to advise and represent our clients in respect of their immigration matter and can also provide same day service on a short notice. 

Posted on Dec 20, 2010.

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