Student Visitor Visas – English Language Courses

From 10 January 2011 the students who wish to study English Language courses for longer than 6 months, will be able to get a Student Visitor visa for up to 11 months (at present the maximum length of Student Visitor visas are 6 months).  The fee for extended visa will be the same as for the 6-month Student Visitor visa and conditions will remain the same as well i.e. no work permissions and no dependants allowed to accompany / join the main applicant.  This concession has been made just for English language students as for other courses, the applicants would be required to comply with the stringent requirements of Tier 4.

Entry clearance will be mandatory for all applicants including visa and non visa nationals, as applicants will only be required to apply from the countries of their origin or habitual residence.

This has been brought in to cater for those students who wish to study English language courses for longer durations and who could not fulfil the requirements of Tier 4 application.

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Posted on Dec 13, 2010.

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