Summary of Proposals for Tier 4 – Students

A new consultation has been lodged to bring in new restrictions on the Tier 4 visa applicants which will end on 31st of Jan. 2011. Following is the summary of the new proposals made by the secretary of state home department:

1.    It has been proposed to restrict Tier 4 largely to degree-level courses and to child students. Those who wish to study below degree level might be required to study at highly trusted sponsors only.

2.    There are no proposals to amend / change rules relating to Tier 4 (Child).

3.    All Tier 4 applicants might be subject to a secure English language test showing competence at level B2 (i.e. IELTS 5.5).

4.    It is under consideration whether all students should be required to seek entry clearance from the country of their original / ordinary residence, if they wish to continue their studies in the UK. They also have to show clear progress in their course and provide evidence that the next course is at a higher level.

This might mean an end of making further leaves to remain application made from inside the UK. It is not clear whether those who wish to study a different course would still be required to show that the course is at a higher level from the one that they recently finished.

5.    A suggestion has been made to close the Post Study Work Route.

We would like to advise those students who qualify under PSW rules, to make their application ASAP to avoid being denied the opportunity all together.

6.    It is also under consideration whether to restrict students to work for external employers, only during weekends or during vacations. While during working days, they would not be allowed to work outside their campus.

7.    The study work ratio for a sandwich programs might also be amended from 50:50 to 66:33 to make work placement programs less attractive to people using them as a way to gain access to the UK employment market.

8.    Tier 4 students might not be able to invite their family members to the UK, if they have been issued with a visa valid for less than 12 months.

9.    It is also proposed to remove permission to work for all dependants of Tier 4 students, unless they qualify in their own right under Tier 1 or Tier 2 visas.

10.    It is also suggested to make the procedure of obtaining visa for low – risk applicants, simpler as they might be able to provide a self declaration in respect of maintenance rather than providing original financial documents.

If you wish to make an application under Tier 4 or Tier 1 (PSW) we would encourage to not to delay any further and make your application as quickly as possible.

We have got extensive experience in handling all sorts of immigration casework and are best placed to advise and represent you by making the postal application or by using premium service at PEO in Croydon. 

We can be contacted at [email protected] or at 02079071460 to discuss your options and merits of making any immigration related applications.

Опубликовано 08.12.2010.

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