New UK Government – Changes in Immigration Rules

As a result of the formation of a new Government in the UK, significant changes in the immigration rules are scheduled to affect the present immigration categories. The changes can be brought in as early as within a few weeks` time.

There are plans to introduce the annual quota on the number of immigrants in all immigration categories.
Also, it is expected that there would be an increase in the threshold investment amounts for immigration categories Tier 1 (Investor) and  Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). At the moment, the required investments for these categories are £ 1 million and £ 200 K respectively.

We would advise those of you who are currently in the decision-making process to decide at your earliest in order to make a successful visa application, as you will be required to fulfill more stringent rules in future. 

Our specialists are ready to help and endeavor to provide best possible services in respect of your immigration matter.

Posted in English on May 12, 2010.