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Retired Person of Independent Means (RPIM)
  1. Who Can Qualify?

    Any person who:

    • is at least 60 yrs old;
    • has a minimum annual income of at least £25,000 under his/her control and disposable in the UK;
    • is able and willing to maintain and accommodate him/herself and any dependants indefinitely in the UK from his/her own resources without taking employment, seeking assistance from other persons, or having recourse to public funds;
    • can demonstrate a close connection with the UK;
    • intends to make his/her main home in the UK.

    Can make an application to come and settle down in the UK as Retired person of independent means.

  2. The criteria explained

    The income of £25000 is net income after deduction of all taxes whether they are UK taxes or overseas taxes, if the income is earned from overseas. Spouses can show joint annual income of £25000 provided they are applying at the same time. It is really important for the applicant to break all employment / self-employment links in order to qualify under this immigration category. He therefore should not be actively participating in business or employment, whether in the UK or abroad.

    There is another condition to fulfil that is demonstrating close connection with the UK that can be done by following factors:

    • Presence of close relatives
    • Previous long residences in the UK
    • Other contacts with the UK based establishments formed in the course of business and the like.

    The applicant is also required to make the UK his main home and any absences from the UK for longer period might be considered as the applicant having a second home abroad thus not fulfilling the requried criteria.

  3. Duration of Visa

    The applicants are normally issued a visa for the maximum period of 5 years. On successfully residing in the UK for a continuous period of five years, the applicant can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Even if the person applies for further leave to remain as RPIM being able to switch to this category, he would be granted further leave to remain for five years and the applicant is not permitted to amalgamate his previous stay to make an aggregate amount of five years to qualify for settlement. For example: If a work permit holder applies to switch to RPIM after completing three years, he would be given leave for a further five years time period and only after completing five years on RPIM, he would be able to apply for settlement.

  4. Right of Appeal

    If the British Diplomatic Post refuses the entry clearance application of a retired person of independent means, the applicant has got a right of appeal that need to be lodged within 28 days of the receipt of refusal letter. The Entry clearance manager normally reviews the decision in the light of the grounds of appeal and may overturn the decision and decide to issue the visa. If the decision is not overturned in the review then the case is sent to the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal in the UK for a full Court Hearing.

  5. Work Allowed

    No work is allowed for the person on this particular immigration category. The restriction is for the applicant and his dependants as well and also includes restriction of working overseas. However, the applicant can take some unpaid work for charities that should not amount to full time employment.

  6. Extension of Visa

    If the original entry clearance was given for less than 5 years, the applicant can make an application to get an extension for an aggregate amount of five years, provided he has fulfilled the criteria mentioned above.

  7. Spouse / Children

    Retired persons of independent means can certainly invite their:

    • Spouse
    • Civil Partner
    • Unmarried partner
    • Children under 18 years of age

    to accompany them as his dependants or to join him as his dependants. Please note that there is a no-switching policy on the dependants of RPIM and they need to get entry clearance from the British diplomatic post. The dependants of RPIM are not allowed to work or be self-employed for the period of their stay as dependants of RPIM.

  8. Switching Rules

    Switching To Retired Person of Independent Means

    Since 01st of October 2004, there have been some major changes in the switching rules. Under the new switching rules, following persons can switch to Retired person of Independent Means:

    • Work permit Holder
    • Highly Skilled Migrant
    • Business Person
    • Innovator

    Switching From Retired persons of Independent Means

    Retired persons of Independent means can switch to following immigration categories, if they wish so and fulfil their respective requirements:

    • Spouse of a person present and settled in the UK or of an EEA national
    • Unmarried partner of a person present and settled in the UK or of an EEA national
    • Civil Partner of a person present and settled in the UK or of an EEA national
  9. Settlement Prospects

    A person on this particular immigration category can apply for Indefinite leave to remain for himself and his family on successfully completing five years on this immigration category. Please note that if the person has switched to some other immigration category, he cannot make us of that stay to complete his five years` in order to qualify for settlement.

    This immigration category is in fact for those retired persons who no more take active role in business or are employed but has got annual net earnings of at least £25000. This is to enable those self-sufficient persons who have got close ties with the UK and wish to move to this country permanently. There are a number of restrictions that applies to the applicants of this immigration category and the dependants, especially are at disadvantaged position being unable to take employment or work on self employment basis.

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